Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Year in Review

We have had such a wonderful and extremely blessed year of 2010! We are so excited for 2011, but here's a recap of our busy year.

January, February, March - Steve left for Japan right after the new year. He was away January to the beginining of May. I found many ways to occupy my time. I substituted a lot, created our wedding scrapbook, redecorated our house, started a garden, took both puppies to obedience classes and hung out with family.

April - We celebrated our First Wedding Anniversary. It just happend to be half a world away from each other. Time flies so fast!

May - My hubby came home! Memorial Day weekend we were busy replacing our roof. We had a lot of fun doing it ourselves and happily saved so much money! I love my handy-man!

June - My 23rd birthday and we found out were expecting! Life changed from this month on! We prayed a lot for God's timing and were so excited to share the news with everyone!

July, August - Morning sickness in full force. Suddenly being pregnant wasnt so "glowing." Steve drug me out one night to buy an AC unit. I swear that saved my stomach! He turned 26 in August and spent the summer building a deck in our backyard and playing on his new favorite kayak. We did manage to have one family day at the ocean with our pups.

September - busy wondering what Baby was. Steve had another away work trip to Everett for a couple weeks. I was just getting over my morning sickness so it was okay he was away for that time. By the time he came home though I was healthy, starting my 2nd trimester and getting a little bigger!
October - It's a Girl!! Baby Grace Olivia was officially named and the shopping for her began!

November - Steve went on his annual hunting trip to Montana and had a great time with friends and family. I was eagerly awaiting the fresh meat and excited to not have to buy meat at the store anymore! We had a wonderful winter storm that knocked out our power for four days, but thankfully returned just in time for Thanksgiving!

December - absolutely flew by! I joined a mom's group at our church and am starting to meet other momma's. Grace got lots of presents for Christmas. We envisioned our Christmas mornings from next year out. I was 30 weeks pregnant at Christmas so we kept things low key. We rang in the new year at home, I was sleeping!
We cant wait for 2011 and to meet our little girl in two months or so!

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