Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Blue Toilet Seat Mystery

I thought long and hard about whether I was going to post this. I decided to, since I feel I must contribute to the other women who will one day google this and feel comforted by my story. At the very least, it will make for a good laugh for everyone else. Read on and you will understand....I will give you every detail so you fully see the picture.

About two weeks ago I decided to take a mini-bath and shave my legs (this is a rare occurance 9 mo preggo.) Then I stood up and took a shower. The bathroom had a good cleaning a few days before. No new cleaners. I also use soap while I shower, also not new. Not surprisingly I had to pee once I was finished showering. I dried off and went to the bathroom, then headed to my room to get dressed.
SO-- upon returning to the bathroom I noticed (I am very detail oriented so yes, I did notice right away) that suddenly my toilet had a light blue tinge to it. NOT there 10 min. prior. So I investigate. I look at the skylight for a possible shadow, I move the seat in different angles, I try to rub it off. I call in Steve. He looks at it, runs through all the things I just did and we are perplexed. Now a few minutes later, the seat is getting a darker and more noticeable blue. I bust out the Clorox wipes and scrub away. Nothing. Steve leaves and assumes we just have an old toilet seat and it must have been gradually fading. I however am not convinced. I then sit back down and notice that it is in the perfect shape of MY rear and thighs. GREAT. It is my fault and I dont know why!! You better believe I then went back to my room and looked in the mirror. There was no blue on my hiney. So obviously, my husband must have used something in the tub that I sat in that didnt come off with soap and reacted with the toilet seat. Negative. Now before you all make assumptions let me remind you. No new cleaners, no new soap, no new jeans or clothes, I had just got out of the shower! (and I have used the bathroom right out of the shower plenty of times!) I run through all possibilities for a couple hours (this doesnt just happen!) and then I decide to Google-it. Steve thinks Im nuts and says just leave it alone and we can go get a new one. Ignoring him I type in "toilet seat suddenly turned blue." THE FIRST HANDFUL OF HITS WERE ABOUT PREGNANT WOMEN TURNING THE TOILET SEATS BLUE!! Now I am in shock, and so is my husband! So I am a freak who is not a freak alone! What the heck is going on!??! Now I am captivated by my magical talent and afraid to use any other toilet ever again. Here is the has no medical backing, it apparently happens to pregnant women past 30 weeks, there is no explanation, but considering there are multiple women that this has happened to, it is not a fluke! The only slight explanation I came across (again nothing scientific or medically proven) was a sudden surge or drop of hormones. (It also has been reported to change the seats a pinkish-purple too.)

I call the consulting nurse and first off tell her I am not giving her my name or ID number because I do not want my following question in my file. I prepped her that this was going to be the strangest thing she has ever been asked. She doubted me. Then I proceed. After she was finished laughing at me, she said it was the oddest question and she asked around the office, more laughter, and couldnt help me. I then called my mother in law to check her bathroom since I had been there the night before. Totally normal. And now two weeks later, I have had no other problems. It must have been (totally an assumption) a possible drop/surge in hormones, my damp skin and whatever hangs out on your toilet seat all reacting together. (I was praying it was a sign, but considering Im still pregnant, it wasnt.)

So if there is anyone else out there whom this may have happened to, please leave a comment! Or leave a comment of humor. (I have already heard all the smurf and blue baby jokes possible so you can leave those out.) Feel free to pass this link on/repost it so others may be informed of this phenomenon, or at the very least get a good laugh at a 9 month pregnant woman! :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

38 weeks Q & A

Here we are at 38 weeks! (2-17-11) I am SO ready to be done!

Here is a fun little pregnancy survey I came across... enjoy!
1. After we have this baby, Steve will surely have to... help change diapers!

                        2. the thing I am most worried about the delivery is... needing a C-section.
3. the food that i have been craving the most is... turkey sandwiches.
4. the best part of being pregnant has definitely been...feeling her move. And morning sickness suddenly made me find nail bitting gross. I have never had such beautiful hands!
5. The most ridiculous thing I cried over was...Steve not taking me to get a cheeseburger late one night.
6. How long I could wear regular clothes... about 20 weeks.
7. ...came up with the name Grace. Steve. I came up with Olivia.
8. I've been nesting by... I made a huge house to-do list for the month of February. And her room has been done since the weekend after my showers.
9. the strangest/worst thing anyone has said during my pregnancy has been...Person: " Oh you dont look like you've gained any weight." Me: happily, "oh really, I've gained about 30 pounds." Person: "Ohh, well nevermind that's not good!" Seriously!?!?! Thanks. Steve was told "Good luck with that." when another guy found out he was having a "kid." lol
10. the food that i really haven't been able to tolerate is... chicken. Couldnt eat it for 1st tri and 2nd tri and sometimes cant stand it now.
11. I had morning sickness for... weeks 6-14.
12. the worst part of this pregnancy has been... stretch marks. I would honestly trade 9 months of morning sickness to not have a single stretch mark.
13. after Grace is here, i'm most worried about... 1) the stretch marks going away by summer. 2) getting my pre baby body back.
14. the thing I miss being able to do most since being pregnant...I really wanted to go snowboarding this winter. And I miss tasting the batter of my cookies. (raw egg) And occasionally a glass of red wine would be so relaxing.
15. the 1st thing I bought for Grace was... as soon as I found out I was pregnant I bought baby a yellow duckie blanket. Steve bought Grace pink baby Carhartt overalls.
16. during my pregnancy, the thing that has surprised me the most has everyone has advice. I have strangers telling me all sorts of "medical" information. People at Walmart are my favorite. Lol.
17. the one quality that i hope Grace gets from me is... my patience
18. the one quality that i hope Grace gets from her dad is... his sense of humor
19. The weirdest craving I had was... lemons.
20. I completely underestimated this about being pregnant... the 9th month discomfort. It doesnt help she is already hanging out at 0 station!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Favorite - Tortellini Soup

The photo does not do it justice here! This is by far my new favorite soup! I watched as a friend made it and took the recipe hoping Steve would like it too. It is a win all aound! (Our whole family loves it too.) I have added/changed some things to her recipe. Play with what suits your family! Here is the recipe: (at the bottom I added my other variations)

1 lb Italian sausage
1 c. coarse chop onion
2 cloves minces garlic
5 1/2 c water
3 beef boullion cubes
1/2 c. dry white wine ( I use 3/4c. Sutter Home - Sauvignon Blanc)
1 28oz can diced tomatoes
1/2 tsp basil
1/2 tsp oregano
1 8oz can tomato sauce
1 1/2 c. chop zucchini
8oz package (or more!) of cheese tortellini
3 T parsley flakes
1 c. sliced carrots
1 med. green bell pepper
pepper (to taste)

1) In large 5 qt pot (at least) saute onion and garlic until tender. In another pan brown sauage and set aside.
2) Add water, boullion, wine, carrots, tomatoes, basil, oregano,pepper, tomato sauce and sausage to pot.
3) Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer about 20-30 min.
4) Stir in zucchini, tortellini, parsley and green peppers. Simmer another 30 min or until tortellini is tender.

** I do not measure anything but water and wine. I just chop to what looks right/tastes right. I love veggies and know that I put in way more - this is just a basis!
** I also add 4-5 chopped celery sticks (with step 2), and more zucchini.
** This freezes really well - but the tortellini doesnt. So I make sure to take it all out (or Steve eats it since it is his favorite part) and then freeze. When I reheat, I add fresh.
** I have also made this without the sausage and tortellini and used mini/small shells. Perfect Minestrone! (which was another hit!)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Now All We Need is a Baby

~Before & After~
I have to admit I am a little embarrassed to post the "before" pictures online. Yikes! This was our spare room/dog room/guitar room/throw all our extra crap room. We had some serious work to do when we found out a baby was on the way!

Notice all the old gross carpet. And the brown walls. And all the junk!
And done! The bookcase is full of mine and my siblings childhood books. Steve's mom made Grace pretty pink curtains. Grandpa and Nana Corrigan bought Grace and I the glider. I see many late nights ahead there!

My husband was busy repainting the walls, installing hardwood and trim. So much more cheery for a baby!

My Dad bought us the crib as soon as he could! He wanted to make sure he was the one to give Grace her bed. :o)

I have a bit of an organization problem. All of her clothes (look at them all!!!) are sorted by size and labeled in bins. I was worried about how to make this little closet work and Steve creatively built in all the shelving for me. He is so handy! He makes all my visions come to life!
Toys that grandparents couldn't resist!
Less than a month until my due date! We will see if she lasts that long. Momma has a feeling she will surprise us all a bit early. :o)