Thursday, February 17, 2011

38 weeks Q & A

Here we are at 38 weeks! (2-17-11) I am SO ready to be done!

Here is a fun little pregnancy survey I came across... enjoy!
1. After we have this baby, Steve will surely have to... help change diapers!

                        2. the thing I am most worried about the delivery is... needing a C-section.
3. the food that i have been craving the most is... turkey sandwiches.
4. the best part of being pregnant has definitely been...feeling her move. And morning sickness suddenly made me find nail bitting gross. I have never had such beautiful hands!
5. The most ridiculous thing I cried over was...Steve not taking me to get a cheeseburger late one night.
6. How long I could wear regular clothes... about 20 weeks.
7. ...came up with the name Grace. Steve. I came up with Olivia.
8. I've been nesting by... I made a huge house to-do list for the month of February. And her room has been done since the weekend after my showers.
9. the strangest/worst thing anyone has said during my pregnancy has been...Person: " Oh you dont look like you've gained any weight." Me: happily, "oh really, I've gained about 30 pounds." Person: "Ohh, well nevermind that's not good!" Seriously!?!?! Thanks. Steve was told "Good luck with that." when another guy found out he was having a "kid." lol
10. the food that i really haven't been able to tolerate is... chicken. Couldnt eat it for 1st tri and 2nd tri and sometimes cant stand it now.
11. I had morning sickness for... weeks 6-14.
12. the worst part of this pregnancy has been... stretch marks. I would honestly trade 9 months of morning sickness to not have a single stretch mark.
13. after Grace is here, i'm most worried about... 1) the stretch marks going away by summer. 2) getting my pre baby body back.
14. the thing I miss being able to do most since being pregnant...I really wanted to go snowboarding this winter. And I miss tasting the batter of my cookies. (raw egg) And occasionally a glass of red wine would be so relaxing.
15. the 1st thing I bought for Grace was... as soon as I found out I was pregnant I bought baby a yellow duckie blanket. Steve bought Grace pink baby Carhartt overalls.
16. during my pregnancy, the thing that has surprised me the most has everyone has advice. I have strangers telling me all sorts of "medical" information. People at Walmart are my favorite. Lol.
17. the one quality that i hope Grace gets from me is... my patience
18. the one quality that i hope Grace gets from her dad is... his sense of humor
19. The weirdest craving I had was... lemons.
20. I completely underestimated this about being pregnant... the 9th month discomfort. It doesnt help she is already hanging out at 0 station!

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