Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our Year in Review 2011

It is always crazy to me on New Year's Eve to look back and recap what occured this past year. This year in particular is no exception! And for some reason, the years keep going quicker and quicker! Here is our year in review...

January & February
We spent preparing for Baby Grace to arrive! Momma got bigger, her room was finished, I had a couple wonderful baby showers and we waited...

32 weeks pregnant 3D ultrasound

38 weeks.


Happy Birthday, Baby Grace! March 4th at 8:17am our lives chnaged forever! Now we can't remember life without  her! Momma is especially thankful that we nearly broke the record for fastest first time labor/delivery at the hospital! You were certainly ready to make your grand appearance!


Family flew in to meet their very first grandchild/neice & Steve! We were so excited to have them and tour them around Seattle. Steve and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary. Steve also started a new knife making hobby. He has made quite a few and sold most of them! Here is the most recent (December) custom made knife he has made.


My very first, super special Mother's Day!  We also Dedicated Grace that day! On a bummer note, Grace and I were in an accident this month too. Thankful she was completely unharmed! Momma also got a new car. :)

June, July& August

We had a really low key summer this year. We stayed home and just enjoyed Grace. Grace met her Great Grandparents from Montana. Momma turned 24 and Papa turned 27!

September & October

Grace met another Grandma. I was pretty much busy planning for the MOPS group at our church. I have been blessed with a wonderful group of women and met many new friends! Motherhood certainly would be much harder without them for support!


Steve went on his annual hunting trip to Montana with his buddy Scott and Grandpa. They had a blast and very successful vacation! Steve also went duck hunting here at home for the first time. He loved it. I then, had to learn how to cook duck and accoding to Steve, I was successful. He is quite the food provider!


Grace's first Christmas was a blast! She thought the presents were okay for a minute. She never once touched the tree (she was actually afraid to go near it!) And Momma and Papa got the greatest gift of all this year....

...yep! Big fun is coming our way August 2012 with Baby #2! Welcome to the party little one! We are so extremely blessed and thankful for all that we have. I pray 2012 is just as wonderful and exciting as this year!