Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grace is ONE!

Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet little Grace!
We had a monkey party to celebrate. Since Steve was gone for two months, I had way too much time to plan out every little detail. It turned out so cute and exactly how I imagined! The BEST part...Steve surprised us both and came home two days before her birthday!!

I chose to make Grace's first cake. I wanted a healthier option for her and not a sugar filled store cake. I made her a banana-apple cake with cream cheese frosting. The mini cupcakes were also this recipe. The larger cupcakes are my pride vanilla cake with buttercream frosting.

Month by month timeline

This was extreme as she got. No huge mess, no smashing, nothing. She stayed clean. Part of it was probably late naptime and everyone staring at her. :)

Such a sweet girl! She was just starting to walk around this day and now she can walk a bunch of wobbly steps but crawling is faster.
She eats a large variety of food on her own now. I am thrilled that we are off bottles and formula and she had no problem switching to a sippy cup and whole milk.
At her one year appt she was 18lbs 13oz and 31.25 inches. She is super skinny but super tall! (99% for height!!)
Not really saying too much yet. She went through a phase where she said "what's that" all the time. She will sign though. More, all done, happy, together, pee-you (smell).