Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winter Storm 2010 & 26 weeks pregnant

We had quite the week this last week. On Monday morning we woke up to snow. Sweet! We never get snow so it is always a mini-holiday! That is until about 4pm and it became windy. And not just a little wind,  we thought we were in a blizzard-hurricane!! The wind was spinning the trees in circles. About 7 pm we lost power. And then the snow stopped, it is became COLD. Like 15 degrees cold. 55 long hours later (early Thanksgiving morning) power returned. We bacame acutely aware of how little we have control of anything in our lives and reflected on how much we forget to thank God for the simplest of blessings. Power, hot water, heat. We spent 3 days talking and sitting around staring at each other, that was a blessing too -  enjoying the quiet, technology free time we had together. We have been warned this will be a rough long winter, so we know this is just the start!

 Of course being 26 weeks pregnant helped keep me a warm for a while, baby Grace is getting big! (approx 2 lbs now!) There is no where for this baby to go but out when you are 5 feet tall! When I look in the mirror, I see a little bump, when I see this in a picture I look huge! 13 weeks to go!! ( this was 11.28.10 - 26wks, 3 days)
Our lovely little home during the storm. The warmest place to be is in the living room near the fireplace (off to the left) so we camped out right here for 3 1/2 days. Lots and lots of layers of clothes and blankets, we all survived just fine. (Actually I was only home for the first 40 hours and Steve took me to my dads with power, we determined it wasnt safe being cold and pregnant - my family loves me and Grace!)

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