Monday, November 15, 2010

She Already has a Personality

I'm learning more and more about little Grace's personality. At first I thought some of these things were coincidence, but since observing her for a few weeks now, I'd say they are not by chance, they are indeed a glimpse of who she is...
* When it is just me and quiet, or Steve and I she will move and kick all around, especially when I am eating!
* If there is a lot of noise in the background or a lot of people talking at once she is very still. Even if I am eating she doesn't budge. (which is interesting because at home she violently kicks at mealtimes!) Now as soon as I leave the noisy atmosphere, she wiggles all about again. Its like she just hangs out and listens.
* The exception is music. She goes crazy when music is on, especially at chuch when the worship band is going. Sunday morning worship is the loudest area of my week and it is definately her favorite. My little one loves the Lord! Or if I have music on in the house or car she dances around, but not nearly as much as church. I cant help but get teary eyed on Sundays, it is so precious!
* At night when I lay down for bed I can just watch my stomach move about. So I  "play" with her by poking her and she will kick back. I call it playing, but Im sure it is more annoying to her than fun to be pushed.
* Steve has been able to feel her kick a couple of times. Here soon he should be able to feel it more often.

Today I am 24 weeks & 4 days. I will post a new belly pic when Steve brings the camera home.

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