Friday, April 30, 2010

The Vet Said, "It Cant Get Any Worse..."

I can do everything through Him who gives me strength ~ Philippians 4:13
This was Riley last night. He was a total baby! He had a very hurt leg and I had to wait until this morning to get him to the vet.
He severely sprained or twisted his ankle. It was real swollen this morning and the x-rays showed inner swelling too. Now he has a soft cast on for at least the next week, maybe two. No walks or running for a month!

The Cone of Shame

I guess it doesnt matter he's a boy...he got a purple bandage with blue polka dots. Of course it cant get wet, so what better than a catheter bag to tie on top. Seriously!?!?
So after my fun morning at the vet with Riley, I come home to find this... Reagan ate all that that is missing! Yes, I had a panic attack and a breakdown all at the same time. This is not normal, she does not eat things, but today she did. Back to the vet I went to pick up medicine for her and now I feed her a ton of canned pumpkin, which together should help her "pass" all that plastic safely out of her body. It was a long night of waiting, but so far so good. 4 trips outside and a little investigating, the pieces are coming out nicely. (This is the bottom of her crate by the way)

And her tonight, perfectly content with herself. Clearly oblivious that she made me a nervous wreck! So now in a matter of one morning, I have both dogs on different meds, and I leash walk one and chase the other with a baggie. JOY. 1 week and my husband will be here to rescue me!

Again, as I have said aloud many times today, "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength."

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