Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A War was Waged - Me vs. Kitties

I stepped back, looked at my pretty new planted garden and felt dang proud of myself. That is until the next morning when two of my bell pepper plants were torn up, dirt (with my seeds) were flung about and a couple piles of cat poo were left as a gift. I was livid! Black pepper and chili powder didnt do the trick, and after two days of battling (and currently losing) I had to go high tech.
This little device is how I won the war. When it detects motion, it sends out a loud annoying sound that only kitties can hear. Since putting this in the garden, I have seen no paw prints in my soil! Great investment.This is the lone bell pepper plant that survived the destruction. On top of the sound devide, I also spread Cayenne Pepper, coffee grounds and orange peel around the dirt ( I am NOT messing around!) I am sure the sound is what did it, but having their mitts on fire must not have felt good either.
Seriously, keep your cats in your house. I do not let my Beagle and Boxer roam about to poop in your yard and tear apart your hard work. But in the end, I WON.

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