Saturday, May 29, 2010

Roofing - Day 1

Goodmorning! The Martinsen household are early birds and it WASN'T raining. I made him wait till 8am to start making noise, so at 7 am he was up there prepping the roof and tearing off this skylight. He patched it all up and completely got rid of it. It was placed in a valley on our roof its leak was impossible to get rid off, so we just decided to board it up. Really bad design in the first place, putting a a skylight where water can stand. Anyways by 8am I am loving this hole in my ceiling... This definately made me cringe! But to my wonderful surprise, he came in and cleaned it all up before I even managed to get there. Sweet!
The before picture. He's patching that skylight.

Another before picture. Goodbye old roof! By this point I am also participating on the roof. I have to say it was my first time up on a roof and it took some getting used to. My job was to open the shingles and set them up for him so he just had to nail them down. We cruised pretty fast once we got started!
This is the normal skylight. (above the bathroom) We were almost done flashing and laying shingles here. I am learning so much about roofing!
And the after picture. All in a days work! I must say, we work as a great team!
Tomorrow we begin by "capping" this section of the roof and beginning on the other section. Hopefully the weather holds out and we can complete the other section in a day as well!

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