Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring is Approaching!

"Build houses and settle down: plant gardens and eat what they produce."
Jeremiah 29:5 The veggie variety. This year is gardening 101 for me, so experimenting I am! The Jalapinos were Steves only request. We will see if I can work magic and grow them up in our climate! I am so excited to see the little seedling start to sprout!A few are lucky enough to start growing inside. My goal is to plant them outside April 22-ish. Based on our current weather, I will surely be frost free and safe by then!Here is where it will all grow, 6 -8 weeks from now! My garden area is now all turned over and just waiting for more dry weather in March for fresh topsoil. By July we should be eating the fruits of my labor. :o)

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