Monday, February 15, 2010

Projects that keep me busy

I have been finding little projects and small house touch ups here and there to keep myself occupied. 6 weeks down, 13 to go! Here are some of the things I have been up to...So I picked out new green rugs for the house and I loved them. But they didnt match the blue I found a couch-cover to brighten the room and match the new rugs (kind of backwards I know!) I just got it today and wrestled it on the couch, so Im still deciding whether I love it or not. Im thinking it is a nice change.
I am about half finished scrapbooking our wedding. There are so many pictures! Here is just a couple of pages that were out. I am very particular when I scrapbook, so it is taking me a long time to work through it. But I love it so far and am so happy I will have these memories forever!
I kept all of the cards given to us, and cut up the romantic sayings and beautiful pictures to be included into the scrapbook. This is my favorite page (it happens to be the first page in the book.) Thanks Dad and Wendi for the best card of all, the scripture made the first page perfect!

Above this mirror was so boring! I found a bundle of green eucalyptus, tied it together to form a swag looking thing and stuck some flowers on to hide the ties. I love it, and it makes the hallway smell SO relaxing!

This brightens up my kitchen. I had the hardest time picking out the flower/color combination for this window. But with the lights added, it makes doing dishes a little nicer!

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