Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Indestructable Toys...

...I don't think so!! Not with my dogs anyway!This large orange ball was designed to put small treats in one of the holes and they shake around inside it, and all the other holes are supposed to make it so the dog cant get a great grip and chew it apart...well it must not be designed for beagles who get mad when they cant get the treat and is able to chew it anyway. Good thing the material is pretty strong, but still I dont see it lasting forever. On a great note, it keeps them occupied for SO LONG, I cant even get the treats out once inside.
So I was excited that this was made from firehose and that little label actually says, "Built Tough." Yeah...10 min in and she has chewed a small section from the corner. Ahh, so much for tough. This is a supervised fetch toy only now.
If you know of any extremely durable dog toys that cant be torn and chewed up rightaway, please let me know! I would like toys to last a little longer and not have to worry about pieces being chewed off and swallowed!
But, for now, they are still having fun. And that makes me happy.

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