Friday, December 4, 2009

Reagan's Story

Last Monday I came home to a very sick dog. After a few hours of continuous vomiting, I finally broke down and rushed her to the Animal ER. Well after a couple hours and ex-rays later, we agreed to surgery because they beleived she ate a foreign object. Well it turns out she had a rare condition in which her stomach was literally turning inside her body. Had I waited till morning to take her in, she may not have been able to be saved. Luckily, she is doing great now, 10 days later. Her stomach was sewed to the inside of her cavity, so there is no worry about it flipping again. Here she is today. Notice how her "cone of shame" is more than beat up after 10 days. When she was on her pain pills she was easy to keep down and quiet. Now that she feels better and doesnt have meds to zonk her out, she is a crazy boxer. One that has figured out how to eat the cone and run into walls to crack it!
Bless her heart! This was the night we were able to pick her up after surgery. I felt so bad for her, she was miserable and terrified of the cone. My poor baby girl.

You can see her huge scar if you look close enough at the picture.

This was the night we brought her home. Riley has never seen a cone and was checking it out. It was the cutest thing to see him nudge the cone up to poke his head in on her. He missed her so much when she was gone!

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