Thursday, August 9, 2012

All Ready for Another Baby!

We finally made the big switch of bedrooms! This project took more time then we anticipated, but now that it is done, I LOVE it! I have said it before, but I so admire how my husband can make my visions come to life!

We completely overhauled the closet. Steve told me to design what I wanted and so on  notebook paper with various markers I created this and he made it.  I love how each has their own bar and shelf.

The only thing missing from this pic is the shelf and wall decor. That made it up today. Check out all my fancy diapers for two kids. I love cloth.

There were two things I always hated about our room. 1) We had a thermostat and never a heater. It was weird. But I HAD to have a heater in a room with babies. So Steve installed one. 2) We never had a wall mounted light. We used to have to plug in a lamp in one outlet only and that worked with the switch. (thats in the other bedroom too, maybe an 80's house design thing?) Either way, Steve added a wall light and it's pretty much amazing to not have to worry about Grace and that lamp. :)

And below is our room. Well soon to be. We are currently squished in the old nursery until this is dried in and we knock the wall down. It's a tight squeeze for now for sure. The further along this addition goes the more I can really envision our house. I am so excited!!

And on to the baby - and all the false hope I had this week. I went in for my 38 week appt on Tuesday and the midwife said she had a "strong feeling" it would be within the next 48 hours. I am just waddling around nearly 4cm and was having contractions while there. Soo, since Tuesday I have had off and on contractions and various forms of pain and will get somewhat excited, stops. So now Im 38w3d, contractions get stronger each day, then stop when I rest. Let me vent- WHO walks around 4cm for weeks? Seriously?!!? I know that means less work at the end but Im ready to be done! Okay, done whining....the next post will hopefully be about little man. :)

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