Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Moving Along

Our addition is finally starting to really move along now! The foundation sure took a long time with the two sets of forms, inspections, concrete...but ahhh, it's done and the floor joists are waiting on an inspection this week and then it's go time! (well go until roof time, then the county will hold us up again.) Here is a picture I took the other day with the floor partially done.
* The wall with the window will come out - that is a current bedroom and will extend out. The chimney will be coming out too. A master bath will be added in the area closest in the photo. I CANT WAIT for a second bathroom!!!

36 weeks now.
I am ready to meet our little man. Well I am, the house is far from ready (their new room currently has no carpet, half finsihed closet, and us still in it. - But as my MIL reminded me, Jesus was born in a manger.) Adding an addition AND remodeling right now...I'm learning ultimate patience!
I wish I could be one of those moms who has a baby early, but let's face reality - I most likely wont. So Im just trying to make it through each day waiting for another 4 weeks. I can analyze and research every little sign and symptom (as if I havent dont this before..) but really, he will come when he's done and ready.

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