Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby # 2!

So I noticed I am particularly really behind on both my blogs! Welcome to my life as a busy mom with a busy 11 month old, who is tired from baby # 2 and Papa is away! Here are some updates on both my kiddos!

This was last week at 11wks 3 days. Already and active and beautiful little peanut. I am making the guess early, I can swear it is a little man! We will find out in April! This pregnancy has been so different - and honestly, so wonderful! (aside from the very beginning, but that is a different story for my other blog..) Anyways here are the details for this little one:
*My official due date is August 20th! Not sure how stoked I am for a June, July, August 3rd trimester...
*I was terribly sick with Grace. I have had nothing to complain about this time! And Im 12.5 weeks now, so I think Im in the clear! I had ONE day which was awful and just a couple with some slight uneasiness, but nothing, nothing! like with Grace. That alone makes this pregnancy awesome!
*I dont really have too many cravings yet. I do eat an egg sandwich every morning though with a big glass of milk. (The one day I didnt was the day I was terribly sick!)
* My only real food aversions so far is any sugar. I cant stand to even think about putting candy in my mouth. (Umm this aversion is great! I made it through the holidays without anything!)
*Thankfully, I have gained maybe a pound so far. I know its coming later, but I certianly "know better" than my "eat whatever I want" with Grace. And since it is nice out lately , Grace and I go for walks.
* My only minimal complaint - I have zero energy. I chase around an 11 month old and I am just tired. I also have pregnancy insomnia again which doesnt help. But I am just tired. (Again, I will take tired any day over morning sickness!)
So far that is it for my pregnancy updates! Now about my active little girl!

She now has 3 teeth.
She can stand alone and stand up on her own without assisstance.
She will walk with me or around the furniture but not quite on her own.
I am totally emotional when I think about her turning 1 in a few weeks.
She would rather feed herself than eat baby food. We will see how much longer I can feed her.
She loves cheerios, toast, any meat (especially venison!) and all fruit. And the sippy cup.
She wasnt too thrilled about the snow (see pic) but loved when I pulled her in the wagon in it. That was a nice workout!

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