Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Seahawks in Seattle

Last Sunday Steve and I got up early to hear to Seattle for the Seahawks-Jaguar game. We arrived real early and met up with a handful of his co-workers to tailgate. I have never "tailgated" before and it was definately an experience. The game was a lot of fun and a bit embarrassing for the Jaguars, 40-0!

After the game we avioded the packed ferry and opted to wander about a local Asian market and grocery store. Steve and his buddy reminised about Japan and all the good eats they had there. We jumped on the less crowded ferry back to Bremerton and relaxed a bit. I was exhausted by the time we arrived home!

Nonetheless it was wonderful to have a day trip with my husband, especially to Seattle!

On Saturday, our baby Reagan gave me a bit of a scare. I noticed her ears were very thick and tender when I woke up, and within a couple hours, her whole face and eyes were swollen. Thank goodness the vet squeezed us in immediately because my little boxer was having a severe allergic reaction (most likely from a insect bite). Well after a couple shots and three days on benadryl, she is back to normal, but man, was I scared! Imagine when I have a sick child, and not just my dog. Oh, man!

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