Thursday, October 25, 2012


Making Family Memories and Traditions at the near by Pumpkin Farm! Literally 5 minutes from our house tucked into a side road is this beautiful patch of land! I loved it! Definately getting our pumpkins from them as long as they are operating! We dont celebrate Halloween, so we try to celebrate Fall and all the beauty of the season. Grace had a blast at the farm, not that she smiled for any of the pictures here...
She loves animals on shows, or in books, or even youtube. But not in person. The farm had a hourse, ducks, chickens, sheep and goats. No way!! The only animal she liked and literally hugged onto was the family farm dog. errr "puuuuuppy!"

They had the cutest hay bail slide and she thought that was great.

So farm grandpa made this little truck. I have no idea who farm grandpa is, but we heard about him and saw him on the tractor giving rides. Again, such a sweet little farm!

Grace and Papa.
They are best buds. She adores him like non-other. Except maybe Grandma. Or Elmo. But Mom definately takes a back seat to Papa. Unless she's sick, then I get all that snot. Yay.

Me and my beautiful kids!


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