Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baby Martinsen # 2!

It's A BOY! 
Orion Scott Martinsen
Coming August!
My world will soon be a little noisier and dirtier. We are so excited to have a little man running around the house. This was my 19wk ultrasound.

Below is the only picture I have taken so far this pregnancy. The belly just seems less magical this time around. haha. I was 20 weeks here. My glorious halfway point. It's all downhill from here.

This pregnancy still amazes me by how different it is. Nothing is the same it seems! I have had very little (if any) cravings, no sickness, I feel fine. I did have awful headaches often in the beginning, but those are only occasionally now and Im not nearly as tired as I was before. This is just an easier pregnancy. (Hopefully that doesnt equate to a more difficult labor! I liked my 2hr labor, thank you!) This little one is way more active though! I thought Grace moved about a lot, I had no idea (and nothing to compare it to.) He just doesnt stop. I swear he's rocking around constantly.

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  1. You Look GREAT my Daughter.... I love you.. Mom