Monday, April 18, 2011

A Little Behind

So the new momma thing is catching up to me - I'm a little behind on my blogs! I will try to do better. :D
Here is Grace at 1 month. She is so expressive now! We love watching how her features are changing and she is starting to look like her own self. Sometimes we see all momma, and sometimes she looks just like papa. Watching her grow is so fun.

Grace at 6 weeks. She loves her paci. And I swore I would never give a pacifier to my babies. Ehhh, I have broke lots of my own rules so far. She doesn't sleep with it though, just during awake or fussy times. We compromise. haha.

I LOVE this photo. Grace and Papa relaxing. I love that their hands are folded the same. I love that my beagle had to intrude the photo and is the only one paying attention. Grace is Papa's girl!

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