Saturday, October 2, 2010

18 weeks down!

The baby bump is officially here! Here I am 18 weeks & 1 day (10.01.10)
This is was at 13 weeks. There is a BIG difference that's only going to get bigger! :O
Some of my crazy pregnancy symptoms so far:
* This burger is an example of a specific craving. I had to have a giant, greasy, bar burger. Steve made this for me and it was delicious! I ate the WHOLE THING! He was surprised. An hour later I was back in the kitchen looking for a snack...haha the last couple weeks my appetite has really increased!
* My weirdest craving so far would have to be lemons. For a while just having them in my water was enough, then I started eating them...I couldnt get enough of the sour taste! :o)
* Aside from lemons I need something strong flavored with my meals. Pickles, onion, vinegar, italian dressing, spices, etc.
* I have been feeling the little one kick around the last couple of weeks. What an amazing experience! It makes all the not-so-pleasant side effects totally worth it! (I'll have to actually hold the little one to admit the stretch marks are worth it though...haha)
** We find out Wednesday the 6th if Baby is a Boy or a Girl**

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